Gfuel Watermelon

Gfuel Watermelon – 40 Servings


Bestel jouw GFuel Watermolon met levering in heel Nederland.

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Wonderfully refreshing watermelon on a hot summer day. Who doesn’t like that? Try Gfuel Watermelon now and be amazed by the taste.

Gfuel is a powdered energy drink that provides that extra shot of energy and focus while gaming. It’s the perfect drink to pass the night with your friends or if you need extra energy while working. Gfuel was born from the search for the perfect formula for a healthier energy drink, without high sugar content and other substances that nobody knows the name of. Gfuel is completely “clean”. You know exactly what is in your energy mix: your own water and your Gfuel.


Step1: take your shaker and your Gfuel

Step2: put 500 ml of fresh water in your shaker

Step3: Put a scoop of Gfuel in your shaker

Step4: shake as if your life depends on it

Step5: enjoy your delicious Gfuel



Nutrition 1 servings
Energy 25 kcal
Bolds 0g
Carbohydrates 5g
of which sugars 0g
proteins 0.7g
salt 0g
Niacin 15g
Choline 80mg
Sodium 79mg


The year is now 2008. A couple of us guys hang out; play CoD, eat pizza, listen to T-Pain…You know…Gaming and grinding! Matches are won and lost. The hours fly by. Our eyes are getting tired. The pizza adrenaline is running out. Our hands hurt. We turn to the only thing we know that can help us in such a crisis. – A case of sugar-filled energy drinks! We grab em’, crack em’ open, and put em’ down as if our lives depended on it! Then we feel a sudden burst of energy! Our lifeblood was restored! “Let the gaming begin!” we said! But then, without any warning… we crash! the energy we once had was now gone! the grind was no more! Our huddled bodies lie helpless on the living room floor… It was an energy drink crash…

The year is now 2012…The crash was so intense, it took 4 years of our lives. We decided to have a meeting – a meeting that would quickly change the course of energy drinks as we once knew them! “There must be another way! There must be a better way! We have to find the way!!!” we said! And so did we! With months of unrelenting research, top-secret experimentation, and the application of advanced math and science – we had, one full spoonful, The Energy Drink of Tomorrow, The Official Energy Drink of eSports, AND The Original Energy Formula of Gaming! What we created was G FUEL ENERGY FORMULA!

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