GFuel Pink Lemonade

GFuel Pink Lemonade


The undeniable nostalgia! The satisfying trip down “Flavor Memory Lane!” The fantastical, whimsical, taste-bud extravaganza that reminds you of simpler times! What on earth are we talking about??? BUBBLE GUM OF COURSE!!! Better yet…G FUEL BUBBLE GUM!!! The newest, mind-blowing concoction to come out of our state-of-the art G FUEL Laboratory!!!

A Flavor that will INSTANTLY teleport you to a BUBBLE GUM KINGDOM OF PURE FANTASY! A flavor that pays perfect homage to those endless summer nights as a kid! Those pick-up baseball games down at the park! Those times when you thought you looked really cool in school because you could blow a giant bubble in front of your friends! Ahhhh…The memories….Get yours today, relive those former glory days and come find us in the BUBBLE GUM KINGDOM!!!

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Whether you’re at the beach, at the water park, at a baseball game or playing games with your team all night, nothing gets you ready for summer like the sweet, refreshing taste of Pink Lemonade! Don’t miss out on the revamped GFUEL Pink Lemonade tub! Let summer soar with the ultra-refreshing, tangy taste of Pink Lemonade!

Gfuel is an energy drink in powder form that provides that extra shot of energy and focus while gaming. It is the perfect drink for a night out with your friends or if you need extra energy while working. Out of the search for the perfect formula for a healthier energy drink, without high sugar and other substances nobody knows the name of, Gfuel was born. Gfuel is completely “clean.” So you know exactly what’s in your energy mix: your own water and your Gfuel.

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